This ain't no shootin' gallery. 'N tip your hat to the ladies....gents.
Reck'n you cud click on the photie to git a bigger gander, tho! Click on the thumbnails for a larger photo.
amc003035.jpg amc003034.jpg
Polly and her cria, AMC Maya, born 5/7/05, enjoy a stretch of the legs on the new pasture. Polly and Maya continue to be good friends and considering she is now only 10 months' old, Maya has attained great stature and size. Note the uniformity of this mother/daughter pair. We praise females such as Polly and Sweet Sixteen who consistently throw the cria were you were expecting. You can see them both here at the new ranch in Yerington.
Very Black -Victoria's Secret....she has had 75% female crias! She is "the Royal Mom," around here and her crias are always very straight and full of energy and personality. While "Icky Vicky" (we say that lovingly) is not the most sociable of females, her deep black, soft fiber and wonderful crias more than redeem her for her more standoffish personality. Vicky gave birth to AMC New Year's Kiss, a bay black female out of Luciano on 1/1/06. What a way to start the year. Vicky is "an older female"...but she is a terrific dam and still carries herself in the elegant manner to which we were first attracted...appearing ageless.
Bonding is an important time between dam and cria. Here minutes' old, "Who's Ur Daddy," enjoys a kiss from his dam, Earth Angel. Ahhhhh There can be a wide difference in behavior between the newly born and the dam. Sometimes first-time Moms almost look offended as they view their first..."what has happened and what is that thing?" Others, almost croon to their crias and take to mothering instantly. Crias behave differently, too. Some are "mama's boys/girls" and others find their independence very rapidly...return to the dam's side only for a pull at the milk tap or perhaps take a nap.
Polly's 5/7/05 female cria, Maya, (white) greeting Rosebud's little grey male cria, Pirate Jack Sparrow, born the 19th of May, 05. Play and play. Here's she says: "No, don't get up," enjoy your dust roll. Pirate's dam, Starlight Rosebud, is at the Yerington ranch and is now for sale.
The most recent "Mom" on the ranch. Titan's Lady's Luck is such a sweetheart and she has turned out to be a cooperative and attentive mom to.AMC's Lucky Baldwin...shown here at 1 day old
amc003028.jpg amc003027.jpg
(Note to photographers: Try taking photos of heads while your alpaca is chewing its cud...or while being ornery with penmates...too funny! The second photo is of Abigail, now owned by the Gangwishes of Smith Valley, NV. Just add a talk bubble and....."Isn't it about time you poop scoop, Paul?")
Meet Jambo Deja Blue. Why the name? We had just lost our wonderful Samoyed whose name was "Jambo" and we named her Deja Blue after her sire: Bermuda, this is roughly translated as "Hello, Blue/silver again." Everyone falls in love with this young female and we find that the silvers and rose-greys are very popular right now. Lovely, even color and very good density.. Dam: SummerDawn (black) Sire: Bermuda Blue (see herdsire page) Now for sale.
amc003025.jpg amc003024.jpg
The first photo shows what a bunch o' pacas look like after shearing. The shearing experience sure beats hog tying 'n brandin'.
Children and alpacas are magnets. Far left, Miranda and Stetson. Above, MacKenzie and Rosie. Right, Brittani and Stetson.
amc003022.jpg amc003021.jpg amc003020.jpg
Alleghany has quite a topknot! Some alpaca faces are "clean" and others are fuzzy to the point where the fleece has to be clipped from their eyes, or they will be fleece blind. Here's Allie's first cria...a female called AMC Hope Diamond out of our herdsire Stampede.
amc003019.jpg amc003018.jpg
"Hi - I'm Te Quiero. Why? Because I was born on Valentine's Day and my name means "I Love You." Right now, sorry, I really love my Mom, 6Peruian Jasmine, best....but give me a couple of years. Make sure you click on my face....everyone says I have a beautiful head and the most darling face." Note: Te Quiero is quite the personality around here...sort of runs everyone ragged. He was sired by Espresso's BlackJack...see him on our herdsire page.
. Sweet Sixteen-to-One, white, is sired by the famous Caligula. In the photo of the left, you can note the similarity between her "baby photo" and that of her latest offspring. Her sister, Big Diamond Lil, is the product of a breeding to our macho stud, El Magnifico, and her fleece is magnificent, which is only fitting! Sweet Sixteen and her offspring are among our favorites.
amc003016.jpg amc003014.jpg
AMC's original guard dog, Rough & Ready is in the top photo. Rough was an Anatolian Shepard. His father, whom he strongly resembles, weighs in at 160 lbs! Rough was a gift from Sands' Mom in '99 and is a loved friend and a boon to security. RIP
Since then, AMC purchased Rough a girlfriend and guardmate. Her name is Randilyn, which means "protector." Randi, is our sheriff around here. Anatolian dogs are livestock guardian dogs and should not be confused with herd dogs. Randi has found that one can see a long, long way from atop the wood pile.
amc003013.jpg amc003012.jpg
"Newport" is almost 17 years old and going strong in this environment. She is still a mouser, although slower than she used to be. RIP
Second photo: Paku, which means "spotted" in Swalihi. He is a big, rather plodding cat and his nicknames are "Spotty Body" and "Spotacus." If you hear a thud's probably Paku, falling off a stool or something. RIP
Shaka, Zulu Warrior Cat......Now an old male cat who is partially responsible for dissidents and rodent control, at The Mine. Cats, we believe, are a necessity around livestock and Shaka, aka "Furball" is good at his function. Unfortunately, Shaka is now the only cat we have on premises. His previous helpers have all passed...of old age.
Now you see why he is the cat Warrior.........
amc003010.jpg amc003009.jpg
Simba is not a lion at heart. He is a big, goofy, lovable boy. If you visit us, you will rarely see Simba, but he is watching....
RIPOur female "Sylvester" kitty. Like Simba, we saved her from a trash can, so she is not very sociable. She resides in the house where she guards the food dishes...... RIP
Rough, was the greeter and welcomer to the ranch...come for a visit!
Osita, RIP...She's missed
1l/15/05 A very sad day...our younger Samoyed, Jambo - "Jammies" has joined Osita . She lived for 16 years and her tail plume never stopped wagging. The black smile always there.
On the Left is Merlin....a visitor to the ranch...notice, he enjoys spinning. On the Right is Joan and Bruce Nelson, of Ahh....Sweet Alpacas. How fortunate we are to have this lifestyle and such good friends, feathered, fuzzy and two-leggers.
amc003003.jpg amc003002.jpg
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