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FEMALE PACKAGES (some include males)
Pkg A - 2 Proven Dams, 1 Maiden with  Dam/Granddam Bonus! - $2,500
Hyppolyta Open ARI#31358484 Black  "Lyta," the dam, was named after an Amazon queen when she was born 4/08 and is a black beauty, bold, straight with perfect carriage and is the result of a breeding of Kara of Redwood Ridge  to Prince Charming ARI #842410. He is beige with very dense fleece. 10/14/12 She birthed a female cria, Mariposa (Not yet registered).   Light Golden Rose Rely haps...whatever, she is as cue as can be. The female Lyta birthed  is out of Claim Jumper, an AMC herdsire. (Location: AMC, NV)
Calypso De Soragon Open ARI #1209570 White and Black Pinto Huacaya with Blue Eyes DOB: 5/5/05 Sire: Canzelle's Chaka Dam: Luna of Redwood Ridge A very sweet female, but when she is pregnant she becomes rather shy. Her blanket is all black with a nice feel as she inherited the fineness of her dam. (Location: AMC, NV)
Kara of Redwood Ridge OPEN ARI #833988Offered here as a companion animal and part of the package with her daughter, "Lyta," Lyta and Kara are practically inseparable, as evidenced in this photo, and she is included as a fiber/companion female with no fertility guarantee.(Location: AMC, NV)
Pkg. B - 1 Maiden Fawn Females & 1 Proven Dam - $1750
Inara Open ARI #31779791 Light Fawn Huacaya Female DOB 7/8/09 Sire: El Magnifico Dam: Beatrice This young female has always been beautiful and full of fleece, beginning on day one. Her color is magnificent and she has great bone and is very robust. As Paul would say "just a big, happy kid." (Location: AMC, NV) (Ask for individual price)
Beatrice de Soragon Open ARI #1401349 Light Brown Huacaya Female DOB: 9/10/04  Beatrice is a bold, large female like her dam, Kara, and her sire MFI Peruvian Valiant and both of her offspring have been good sized. She is a bit of a ham when it comes to a camera! She and El Magnifico are on a roll, and we would suggest another repeat of this breeding. (Location: AMC , NV)
Pkg. C - 2 Proven Females - 3 Maidens  $6500
See individual pricing.  If sold as a package, seller will deliver at no cost within 250 Mile radius of Reno, NV 
Proud Mary  Maiden  Beautiful Bay Black Huacaya, DOB 9/4/10   Sire:  SDA Webber (son of Snowmass Diamond Boy)  Dam: Silver Zephyr
Lots of gray in her background   $1,000
Chocolatta' s Kiss "Kissy"  Open  Medium Brown Huacaya   DOB 8/19/02    Sire Ballico
Dam: Chocolatta
Proven dam, great disposition, excellent mother.
Individual Price:  $2,000
Maggie Mae  Maiden  Medium Fawn with white Huacaya Female  DOB 7/6/10   Sire:  SDA Webber, Dam: Chocolatta's Kiss.  Nice conformation and bite. 
Mariah   Maiden   Medium fawn Huacaya  DOB 5/26/10
Sire:  SDA Webber   Dam:  Comanche's  Corrina  
Pretty correct with a nice disposition.   
Individual Price: $1,000
Pkg D - Dynamic Black Duo!
              Dam & Male Cria    $1500
VF  Queen of Sheba Open  True Black Huacaya  Female  
DOB  9/17/10  Dam: 6P Jasmine  Sire: A&A;s Bermuda Blue    If you are looking for black, then Sheba and her male might be just the ticket.    Sheba gave birth to Sherpa (out of Shaq Attack, a true black) on 10/2/14, making him the youngest on the ranch.  Sheba  was absolutely a wonderful first time Mom and we think she has very good future potential.
Sherpa is a scamp, as "the baby" in any group tends to be!   He is often the firs alpaca I see in the morning and he is one to bring a smile to your face.   
(Location:  AMC,  NV)
Pkg E - 1 Proven Gray Female and 3 Maidens 
               (An Appaloosa, a White & a Fawn)
               Wow - $3500
VF Sun Spots  "Freckles" Maiden White Appaloosa with Fawn, Huacaya Female  DOB 8/7/11 
Sire: Lucky Baldwin   Dam: AMC New Year's Kiss   This young female should be bred.   Lovely fleece, nice disposition.  A few months ago Freckles had a tear in her eyelid which required a couple of stitches.
tn_jambo2.jpg tn_blue_agave_side.jpg
Mariposa as mentioned in paragraph above.  Photo taken 1/25/2015
Jambo Deja Blue of AMC Open Classic Grey/silver Huacaya Female  DOB 11/17/05   
Sire:  A&As Bermuda Blue   Dam: SummerDawn
Jambo .has been at least partially responsible for many of the greys on this ranch.   She is such a terrific mom and you can depend upon her day in and day out.   Bermuda Blue has gorgeous color to project as well.    You'll be happy with this experienced female.and the color she can add to your herd.
Gingersnap  Maiden Fawn Hucaaya Female
DOB 8/26/12   Sire:  AMC Lucky Baldwin 
Dam:  AMC New Year's Kiss
Never been bred, but with Lucky Baldwin's genes (Peruvian Titan bloodlines), good potential.   Her front legs still kickout a bit more than we would like to see for a showring, but she has good genes, a beautiful head and is a nice girl.
Blue Agave  Maiden   White  Huacaya Female
DOB 5/5/13  Sire:  Galal   Dam: Glacial Warming
Born on Cinco de Mayo, this little cocktail has great bloodlines and is quite a personality pistol...she is very friendly.   Dense fleece, great head and conformation.  She is quite possessive of your attention and the camera  Hard to ge a photo of her at any distance.
(Location:  AMC, NV)
Please feel free to ask for more info or individual pricing.
Please feel free to ask for more info or individual pricing.
Please feel free to ask for more info or individual pricing.
NWA Candar's Quil Unproven Male Not Registered but Registerable White DOB 8/07/09 Sire: Peruvian Canadar ARI#182577 Dam: HCA Vanessa ARI#842285 (PPeruvian Vengador bloodlines) Quil is a robust male whose grandsire is the famous Peruvian Hemingway. He is intact and as such has a dominant personality with the other males. He touts wonderfully dense fleece. (Location: AMC, Nevada) $700  (location:  AMC,  NV)
Pkg. A Four Male Huacaya - Fiber or Stud-ly Prices Vary
(Location: No. Nevada)
Hank Wiliams Fiber Male Not Registered, but registerable. DOB 9/15/08 Sire: A and A's Annapolis Dam: Sweet Sixteen-to-One (Caligula daughter) $500
Guido Gelded Male  DOB 5/3/08 Fiber/Companion Male.   Guido has great fiber and has won several 1st place ribbons at CA Classic, Gold Country Gathering and CABA . Snowmass/Bueno/El Magnifico ancestry. $750
Patriot Fiber Male Not Registered, but registerable. DOB 8/30/08 Dam: Polly Bergen Sire: A and A's Annapolis $500
Last, but certainly not least:
Immanuel Cuervo Plateado Proven Male DOB 7/2/07 Sire: Peruvian MFI Brock (Sired by the well-known PPPeruvian /Augusto). Brock produced 18 lbs of fiber at his 3rd shearing. Dam: Peruvian Dulce (daughter of Derwydd Peruvian Novio/ Granddaughter of 4Peruvian Starr Khan) "Cuervo" produced 2 female crias last year and he is raring to go; ready to add poundage and fineness to your fiber output. $7,500
(Purchase Cuervo and bet one of the other gelded males at half price.)
Option: With the purchase of either Cuervo or Guido, a buyer can opt to purchase either of the fiber males, Patriot or Hank Williams, at 1/2 off their list price. Ideal for the buyer who needs a companion male or wishes to enlarge their fiber herd.
Pkg B - 2 Gelded Brothers - White $500
Bobby McGee White Gelded Male DOB: 8/15/09 Sire: Stampede Dam: Bling Born and raise at AMC, this fiberful, crimpy and dense young male will produce bountiful fleece for all your projects, just like his 1 year senior brother:Samson's Gift White Gelded Male DOB: 7/26/08 Both males are registered and have been healthy and strong all their lives. Samson, too, was born at AMC. The seller is Susan Richard, Sands' daughter. If it is fiber you are interested in...these boys are a good buy. (Location: AMC, Nevada)
index004052.jpg index004051.jpg
Pkg C - Two Colorful Fiber Males REDUCED: $400
Fearghus De Sorona Dark Fawn Intact Male ARI #31064965 DOB 6/08/07   Sire: Goliath's Top Gun Dam: Beatrice de Soragon Another good sized young male with nice conformation, good density, and a very nice handle and softness to his fleece. (Location: AMC, NV)
Jasper (Shown here as a cria with his dam) White Male DOB 7/24/09 Sire: Stampede Dam: Calypso de Soragon Perfect for rounding out a color palate in this fiber group....his fleece will take to dye very easily! Nice straight male who will produce plentiful fiber for you. (Location: AMC)
**Special Offer: "A Guide to Alpaca Ownership©" as ruminated by Sands Bellizzi, is available to you free of charge. This is not a scientific manual, only practical, generalized information, including "short answers to big questions about alpacas, their history, husbandry and other frequently asked questions." Email us by clicking here: alpaca@alpacamine.com and we will send you your copy as an email attachment. New: If you are interesting in passive ownership and herd management, please request our new Herd Management Program which we can also email to you.
NOTE: We strive to provide a wide variety of alpacas from which to choose...all at good value for the quality provided and can almost always arrange financing and discounts on multiple purchases. If there is a special alpaca you are looking for, let us help you find it. We feel it is our obligation to present any reasonable offer on the alpacas we represent to the sellers. Please feel free to contact us with your specific needs or questions. We are always here to assist you, pre and post purchase. Ranch visits encouraged and questions and offers welcomed!
Email: alpaca@alpacamine.com Call 775-316-0548
Git yerself a grubstake and fill your pan with Alpaca Gold..... Click on the thumbnail next to the alpaca's name to see their photo on the larger "Wanted" poster. Both Suri and Huacaya are available. Check back often as we are a bonanza ranch and find new and beautiful "nuggets" frequently....  
Alpacas- Organically Grown and Made in the USA
Last Updated 1/25/2015 Please notice the various locations of these alpacas... maybe some are even closer than AMC, Nevada! There are specialized transporters who cater to delivering alpacas around the states. Prices listed are open to offers, so please don't hesitate to inquire about any alpacas you find which catch your eye! 
Camanche's Corrina  Open  Medium  Fawn  Huacaya Female DOB 9/6/03   Sire" Snowmass Stardust 
Dam: PC Katerina A896
Proven dam, gentle, calm, sweet girl.  Great mom...all the attributes which can be ideal for a first time buyer.
Individual price:  $2,000