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Three Top Young Males for your Breeding Program
Lucky Baldwin AMC Galal AMC The Contender
Sire: 6Peruvian Accoyo Tsunami Sire: Stampede Sire: El Magnifico
Dam: Titan's Lady Luck Dam: Sweet Sixteen-to-One Dam: Polly Bergen
These herdsires are now solely owned by AMC and represent some of the very best quality bloodlines including:
Lucky Baldwin - 6 Peruvian Accoyo Titan '07 Histogram: 16.4afd, 3.8sd, 23.2cv, 0.7%>30
AMC Galal - PPPeruvian El Moustachio, Peruvian Hemingway, PPeruvian Caligula, Peruvian Don Julio '07 Historam: 17.6afd, 3.5sd, 19.9cv, 0.9%>30
AMC The Contender - El Magnifico, PPeruvian Pluro, 4 Peruvian Ajax, Peruvian Don Claro. '07 Histogram: 17.1afd, 3.2sd, 18.7cv, 0.6%>30
Ask about our special drive-by and multiple breeding rates for these brilliant young males. These boys are currently available for breeding at AMC. We are very excited about these three and know you will be too.
All Service Fees Are Now Negotiable
Service Fee Range: $300 - $500
Lady Elaine's Leonardo (Leo)
Dense and bold, grandson of the famous PPPeruvian Royal Fawn and was sired by Royal Fawn's Accoyo Centurion. . Leo is bright white and the color you see is actually from the clay soil at Fair Winds Alpacas, Auburn, CA. AMC co-owns Leo with Fair Winds and he will be available for breeding at either the California or Nevada location. Leo is unproven, but is ready to go to work for you
A and A's Bermuda Blue
Chilean/Peruvian. Co-owned with Fair Winds Alpacas. A photo will show this male's presence, but there is no way to capture the color of his fleece....lovely watercolor hues of light rose grey. Sired by Ubina's Rudolph Valentina, a light silver grey, and his dam is GNLC Sprit, a dark fawn. "Blue" has slight blue crescents in his eyes, along with a mischievous twinkle as he is ready to breed your females and bring some beautiful color into your herd. Plunging you hands into his fleece, which is bountiful, is simply sybaritic...creamy 'n dreamy. He has now settled his first females.
10/11/05 - Here's Bermuda Blue's first cria......."Silver Sable"......Isn't she adorable? Owned by Melanie and Jeff Wooden of Reno, NV:
A and A's Annapolis
Full Peruvian, part Accoyo. Co-owned with Fair Winds Alpacas, Auburn, CA. This handsome young male's fleece took a third place in the very competitive white class at AOBA this year...need I say more? He has now settling several females and proud of it! Check this list of his top echelon ancestors: PP. Yanni, PPeruvian Vengador, PPeruvian Caligula, Peruvian King Solomon! We just got word that he sheared 9.7lbs of fleece. Annapolis continues to kick out some gorgeous cria!
First cria "Amazing Grace" Terrific fleece characteristics evident already...and with grandparents such as Peruvian Bueno, PPeruvian Vengador, PPeruvian is no wonder. Owned by Fair Winds Alpacas.
"Amadeus," a male owned by Opus Two Alpacaa, dam Fantasie out of our Claim Jumper
White, fiberful son of PPeruvian El Moustachio, an Accoyo, and grandson of Peruvian Hemingway. Your females will stampede to our ranch for a chance of a gorgeous cria out of this proud male. He has that "popcorn" look with a histogram of 19.6mc with 3.2%>30 , sample date 6/12/03.
Owned by DJ and Dick Beath, Huggable Alpacas, Granite Bay
Cassino, sold to Black Hawk Alpacas, North Carolina
Cassino's dam is our Sweet Sixteen, sired by Caligula, We love the outcome of this combination, so we bred them again. This year we got a female with the same wonderful, crimpy to curly fleece. Meet AMC Genoa
El Magnifico
His name says it all. El Magnifico is a full Peruvian stud with Accoyo bloodlines. He has phenomenal fiber quality- 23.3afd, 4.3sd, 18.3cv, and 5.4%>30 in 6/01 - with exceptional fiber density. He is structurally sound, has an excellent bite and large testicular development. He often throws color when bred to a colored dam and a good percentage of his offspring are females.
Recent histogram from white female offspring: 16.5mc, 3.6sd, 21.8cv, 0.9%>30% and from a medium fawn female offspring:19.2mc, 3.6sd, 18..9cv, 1.0%>30%
Corrigidor: Fawn Reserve Champion Male & 1st Place Fawn Juvenille Male 2006 California Classic
Our Angelita - Grand Champion Color and 1st Place in her color division 2003 Monterey Pronk
index005019.jpg index005018.jpg index005017.jpg index005016.jpg
Remy's Gold. Big Diamond Lil Lily, Feb. '04 - Another Magnifico cria to her left
Fair Winds Alpacas young male "Corrigidor" shown here with his owners Bonnie Potter and August Anema - soon to be shown at the upcoming Alpaca Classic in Pleasanton, CA. This young male is gorgeous.
Claim Jumper (CJ) our romantic rose-grey herdsire... superlative presence and color. A comment about his fiber from Amy McCroskie, owner of the mini mill that processed some of our fiber for us several years ago: "gorgeous fiber, really exquisite." CJ has "criated" many beautiful crias to date and his dance card fills rapidly each Spring and Fall. He is not an "accidental" rose-grey....his lineage is grey. Felting with his fiber creates a gorgeous men's suiting blend.....naturally. Histogram 6/01: 21.3mc, 4.6sd, 21.8cv, and 4.4%>30. Histogram 6/04: 24.1mc, 5.3sd, 22.0cv, 12.2%>30.
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