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Alpacas, Gold Mines, Historic Towns, & Tourist Activities

Alpacas, Gold Mines, Historic Towns, & Tourist Activities
Alpacas, Gold Mines, Historic Towns, & Tourist Activities
Sands has "travel" in her veins as well as the love of alpacas and history, so we're adding The Silver State to our Golden State, lots of new activities and attractions for our visitors...including Lake Tahoe with its sapphire blue waters.
Come and explore Nevada with us. Whatever your favorite recreation or activity, there are wonderful facilities nearby. Winter or Summer, any time of year.....there's plenty to do, not the least of which is to "talk alpaca" and enjoy a refreshment with us. Here's but a few possibilities: art galleries, museums, spas, fine dining, gambling, ice skating, snowmobiling, lake cruises, horseback riding, fishing, dog sled rides, skiing, sleigh rides, snowboarding, snow tubing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hot air balloon rides, hiking, biking, golf....and that's just talking Lake Tahoe which is about 1-1/2 hours from our ranch, as is rip-roaring Reno.
History: Did you know that Nevada was once called "Utah West?" This area is loaded with history, lore, fun places to explore and unusual events to enjoy...even a yearly camel race held in Virginia City - home of the famous Comstock Lode. The town of Genoa, previously called "Mormon Station" is the oldest permanent settlement in Nevada as well as the site of the oldest saloon in the State of Nevada.
Yerington, Nevada - Our new home. Why? Because it has a terrific, high and dry, climate in which to raise alpacas; it is affordable, comparatively speaking; it is not unlike small agricultural towns of 50 years ago and full of friendly people and opportunity. Quoting a wonderful article by David Toll "getting here is like taking a Sunday drive to a home town you never had." We are not alone as alpaca breeders, there are two other ranches here and another two a scant few miles "down the road." Yerington is in the Mason Valley which is rich in pasturelands and situated on the fish-loaded Walker River. Originally this town was a trading post and had a whiskey store called "Pizen Switch" due to the questionable quality of its product! The area grew and outgrew it "Pizen Switch" name and became Greenfield. I find it interesting that everyone assumes anywhere in the Nevada desert is only sand dunes. Not true of its riparian valleys in the high desert areas. This is definitely an ag area known for its production of grasses, alfalfa and onions. On our new place we have several orchard trees lining the driveway. Later Yerington got its present name from H.M. Yerington, a railroad man, but alas a railroad branch never made it to Yerington. Mining, particularly copper, has very much influenced this area. Besides the young boxer who appeared on the TV program, The Contender, Yerington's most famous native was the Paiute prophet Wovoka who began the Ghost Dance movement which led to the slaughter at Wounded Knee. I understand that there is an old Indian camp site on our property somewhere. So, again, Western history is a pull for Paul and I....and that's why Yerington! For local attractions, casinos, motel info: or
For Fishing/Hunting try the Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area, located only a couple of miles from AMC:
For a scenic picnic location, check out Wilson Canyon, located between Mason and Smith Valleys - you'll find information and photos of the page.
Airports: Reno/Tahoe Airport - About 1 1/2 hour's drive from AMC ranch, serviced by Alaska, American West, American, Continental Frontier, Northwest, SkyWest Delta, Southwest and your travel agent. Lake Tahoe Airport - About 30 minutes from AMC, private aircraft and Bigfoot Aviation out of San Francisco. Yerington Municipal Airport Less than 5 miles from AMC, private aircraft.
If history is your interest, you would also want to visit Carson City, frontier town and Nevada's Capitol.
Tahoe Links: (accommodations)
Golf: There are more than 50 golf courses within a hour's drive of Lake Tahoe. You'll find many of them listed on the site, including Genoa Lakes Golf Course, and Sierra Nevada Golf Ranch which are just 'round the corner' of the AMC ranch. Also just around the corner is David Walley's Resort Springs and Spa How much better can it get than a visit to Walley's after a hard day's ride for a bit of pampering and all that glorious hot water to ease your saddle sores, or ski-tired thighs?
See why we are so enthusiastic about our new adventure in Nevada? Want to leave your alpacas in our care so that you can visit often? The new Herd Management Program is now available by return email....just ask. alpaca@alpacamine.
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