Alpaca Farm in Nevada-Alpaca Brokers, Alpaca Boarding

Alpaca breeding, brokering, and boarding –  for profit and pleasure:

Alpaca farm, alpaca livestock supplies
Home of our alpaca farm, Mason Valley, Nevada

 Alpacas produce fabulous fiber which is warmer, softer, and stronger than wool, you can call it “best-for-you” as it is organically grown in the USA. Alpaca fiber comes in many natural colors and is hypoallergenic. Additionally, the fiber is fire-resistant!  Magical creatures with distinct personalities, alpacas are full of curiosity and endearing traits, therefore they are livestock with pet qualities. Is an alpaca farm in your future? Does the country lifestyle interest you? You will find alpacas offer tremendous financial potential. You can admire your alpaca investment while you watch it grow….naturally.

Established in 1998 in California, the Alpaca Mining Company is now an alpaca farm in Nevada. This is a full time business. We specialize as alpaca brokers and in alpaca boarding. We have acquired an extensive amount of knowledge and experience with most aspects of the alpaca industry over the years.
Alpacas still like to surprise us from time to time! We are learning from each other.

Alpaca Mining Company offers these services:

 Alpaca Brokering Service

NOTE: Due to health issues, we are not offering brokerage services right now.

Sands, by using her high-end sales and marketing experience, rapidly became one of the top names in the alpaca brokering business.
We have sold and facilitated sales of alpacas in almost every state in the country.
We have been hired as alpaca brokers by some of the most well known names in the industry.

Alpaca Boarding

Alpaca boarding is a cornerstone of the Alpaca Mining Company business. Boarding is often called agisting or alpaca agistment.  Many people boarding with us are passive owners taking advantage of our brokering service, and of course, our 24/7 presence. Also, ask your accountant about livestock tax advantages.
We are lucky to live in one of the most productive agricultural valleys in Nevada. As a result, access to feed and top-notch veterinary care is always available.

Alpaca Sales

We help our clients sell many hundreds of alpacas. We are very experienced, as a result, with the process of certificate transfers, state requirements for vet health checks,  and transportation issues.
Ask us if you are looking for an alpaca with particular characteristics. We might be able to help. If you are looking for alpacas for sale in Nevada, give us a call. We have some here, and we know almost every other alpaca farm around.
If you are looking for some pet alpacas or some fiber alpacas, (not for breeding), let us know.

Alpaca Fleece for Sale ( some call it alpaca wool)

Every June we shear alpacas and have alpaca fleece for sale. The black and grey fleece goes the fastest, so if you want some, ask us early. Have you ever wanted an alpaca sweater? How about some alpaca socks and gloves? Knitted alpaca scarves are always very popular. Spin some alpaca fiber into yarn and make it happen.  Or, with felting, you can make an alpaca blanket or an alpaca poncho. Maybe make a business out of it!


We get asked all kinds of questions, so we have started an alpaca FAQ page and a section on the alpaca farm equipment we found most suitable. If you want to know how to start an alpaca business or how to raise alpacas, we can help.

Free Fun

 Take a look at Sands’ blog from time to time, there you will find some entertaining stories about the alpaca lifestyle. Just wait, this blog will turn into a novel!
Mining for Alpacas in the High Desert –
Yerington, NV
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